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Find and Manage Relevant ESI


Big data is the Achilles heel of ediscovery. A single matter can involve hundreds or even thousands of employee computers and devices, with massive data volumes. Prism advanced data minimization analytics, expertise and automation tools help you cut to the chase.

Ediscovery Consulting

Our forward-thinking approach to proportional preservation, investigative analytics, data assessment and workflow design creates a smarter and more cost-effective approach for our clients.

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Ediscovery Advisory Services

We support a defensible workflow throughout the litigation lifecycle, by leveraging strategy and early negotiation, while intersecting the deployment of best practices and technology.

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Data Minimization and Review Acceleration

We reduce data, use advanced search methodologies and accelerate review through the expert use of leading edge review technologies and artificial intelligence.

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Prism Litigation is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for all your ediscovery needs.

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