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Mandi Ross

About Mandi

A court-recognized search and ediscovery expert, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Mandi Ross has led thousands of successful engagements for law firms and corporate law departments over her 32 year career. As a strategic advisor for some of the largest, most complex lawsuits and investigations of the last three decades, she brings a wealth of expertise to every engagement.

Mandi designed her first automated workflow for discovery management in 1985, while working as a paralegal and IT manager. Inspired by the changes she saw coming in discovery, she founded one of the earliest litigation support firms in the country in the early 90’s. Today, Mandi leads Prism Litigation Technology, a 20-year boutique consultancy with a personalized approach and practical vision for using emerging technologies and workflow automations to reduce ediscovery burdens.

Clients love Mandi for this rare combination of practicality and visionary insight. She enjoys introducing clients to evolving preservation proportionality models, advanced language based analytics, artificial intelligence and workflow automations to build what she calls “smarter ediscovery.”

Mandi is a Sedona Conference member and sits on the advisory board for Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law, eDiscovery Institute. A frequent speaker and writer, Mandi shares her latest insights and perspectives with the legal and IT communities at industry and Bar Association events and in her blogs and publications. You can reach Mandi at, and follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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