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Here’s a New Industry Initiative to Develop a Proportionality Benefit-Burden Model – Blog Post by Doug Austin

An important industry initiative is under way to develop a proportionality benefit-burden model, which is based on Prism Litigation Technology’s Evidence Optix® framework. This standardized methodology enables legal practitioners to reduce the scope of discovery using a comprehensive, transparent, and […]

Georgetown AEDI

Georgetown Law’s 2020 Global Advanced eDiscovery Institute “Judge Tank” winner

Prism Litigation Technology’s Evidence Optix® SAAS-based discovery workflow has been chosen as a finalist in the Georgetown Law’s 2020 AEDI Judge Tank program for the most innovative ideas in ediscovery. Check out our video submission!

#WeAreACEDS_September 30

ACEDS Live! Interview with eDiscovery Leader Mandi Ross

Please take time to watch this insightful and thought-provoking interview with two powerful women in ediscovery, Mandi Ross of Prism Litigation Technology and Maribel Rivera of ACEDS. Watch the Recorded Interview

Thought Leader

Thought Leader Interview with Mandi Ross

Recently, the eDiscovery Today Blog did an interview with the founder and CEO of Prism Litigation Technology, Mandi Ross. The three-part blog offers valuable insight into the changes in ediscovery over time, the challenges faced today, and what the future […]

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Where Angels Fear to Tread – Blog Post by Doug Austin

This past week, Doug Austin of eDiscovery Today Blog posted an insightful blog post on search terms and their use in ediscovery disputes. He digs into the newest case law regarding search terms, citing McMaster v. Kohl’s Dep’t. Stores, Inc., […]

ACEDS Webinar

ACEDS Webinar – Seeing 20/20: Reasonable and Proportional Discovery in 2020

If you missed it, this webinar hosted by the Association of Certified Ediscovery Specialists (ACEDS) discussed invaluable information about how to implement reasonable and proportional ediscovery with the most up-to-date technology. The four ediscovery experts, with over a century of […]


Relativity Blog: e-Discovery Collection Strategies for the Remote Workforce

Watch the Webinar Read the Relativity Blog Recently, our own Mandi Ross, founder and CEO of Prism Litigation Technology and developer of the actionable proportionality workflow, Evidence Optix®, was featured in a webinar hosted by X1 Technologies. The webinar, which […]

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Interview with eDiscovery CoCounsel: FRCP Rule 26 Proportionality in Negotiations

Watch the Video Thank you to Chad Roberts of eDiscovery CoCounsel for your informative interview with Mandi Ross, founder and CEO of Prism Litigation Technology regarding how producing parties can leverage proportionality to prepare for a Rule 26 negotiation. Also, […]


Search Terms: Tried and True, Now Even Better

By Mandi Ross and John Patzakis A key Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provision that greatly impacts eDiscovery processes is Rule 26(f), which requires the parties’ counsel to “meet and confer” in advance of the pre-trial scheduling conference on key […]