Data Analysis And Minimization


Experts at minimizing data to minimize costs.

Interested in reliable, new methodologies to defensibly minimize your Big Data for legal review? Our court-recognized search expertise, advanced computer language based analytics and review management services reduce the overall dataset to minimize the attorney review costs.

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Early Case Assessment

By combining early insights from our patent-pending technology, Evidence Optix®, and our unique approach in defining a case narrative, Prism can optimize machine learning tools to categorize data most relevant to the case.

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Data Minimization

Prism’s data scientists are skilled in a variety of data minimization techniques, including near-duplication identification, email thread analysis, entity recognition, and pattern matching applications. These act as a mechanism to reduce the volume of data in a defensible manner.

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ESI Processing

Prism offers expert advice to our clients regarding vendor selection, contract negotiation, and price comparisons. In addition, our skilled consultants and technologists can provide oversight for project management and technical aspects, including processing requirements, timeline management, reporting and budgeting.

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Search Optimization

Using advanced information retrieval theory and standardized workflows, Prism can help optimize search term strategies to improve retrieval rates and increase levels of recall and precision. Leveraging a unique narrative approach, our data scientists offer an improved methodology that enriches common search terms by adding layers of linguistic and data science expertise to create a fully defensible, transparent and cogent workflow.

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