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Experts at minimizing data to minimize costs.

Interested in reliable, new methodologies to defensibly minimize your Big Data for legal review? Our court-recognized search expertise, advanced computer language based analytics and review management services reduce the overall dataset to minimize the attorney review costs.


Early Case Assessment

A major hurdle in many ESI projects is the volume of data to be organized and reviewed. Recent FRCP Rule changes introduced in 2015 focus on cooperation and proportionality. This new attention calls for the application of trusted techniques utilizing innovative and defensible tools in creative ways to reduce the burdensome volumes of data and gain early insights into the merits of the case. Our approach is to leverage our learnings from our proprietary Evidence Optix® solution in combination with our unique approach for defining a narrative and social histogram of the case. We use the latest AI-based tools available to create and understand the social networks and communication topics pertinent to the core issues of the matter and prioritize your attention to that critical data. This approach allows us to provide our clients with a dynamic early case assessment (ECA) designed to lower their costs and reduce the risk associated with executing a new ediscovery project.


Data Minimization

Ediscovery technology advances aimed at data minimization have increased in effectiveness and popularity over recent years as more and more creative solutions have been developed by ediscovery technology companies. No longer is data minimization simply a result of cutting custodians or limiting date ranges. Tools for near-duplication identification, email thread analysis, entity recognition and pattern matching all work to defensibly reduce the volume of data advancing in the ediscovery workflow. Our goal is to identify and utilize the right solutions for our clients’ needs to eliminate redundant, out-of-date and irrelevant data as early in the ESI workflow as possible.


ESI Processing

While we do not offer ESI processing services in-house, we regularly provide expert advice and consultation to our clients regarding processing vendor selection. This can include a capabilities assessment as well as contract and pricing comparison and negotiation. In addition, our skilled consultants and technologists can provide oversight to the overall project management and technical aspects of an ESI project including processing requirements, timeline management, reporting and budgeting.


Search Optimization

Utilization of keyword strategies has been a staple of ediscovery projects since the expansive growth of ESI volumes due to growth of business email in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately, the simplistic method of generating a long list of terms to cull the datasets hasn’t evolved much since then. Our information professionals are experts in the science of search and approach keyword strategies using advanced information retrieval theory to improve retrieval results. The team can design a strategy from scratch or work with an existing set of keywords to improve the overall results with a focus on optimal levels of recall and precision. We’ve also developed an approach for the elimination of false positives and documents that are not conceptually related, thus reducing the review population even further.


Language and Data Analytics

One of Prism’s unique offerings is a strategy that combines language analytics, case narrative definition and data analytic tools to search, organize and prioritize datasets for review. The approach guides the client through the development of a narrative for their case, defining the story that supports the claims and defenses of the matter. That narrative forms the basis for a comprehensive search and analytic strategy designed to attain a high impact on reducing the data volume and increasing precision without adversely impacting recall. A typical output is a fully organized and categorized set of documents ready for prioritized review or production. Our strategies can be custom designed to achieve the client’s goal whether it is a preservation or legal hold strategy, early case assessment, managed linear review, privilege identification or assessment of incoming productions.


Artificial Intelligence (TAR+)

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) or Predictive Coding, stormed the ESI scene roughly a decade ago, but in reality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have been a part of the industry for almost 20 years. In addition to Predictive Coding, these AI tools may also be used for clustering, concept search or automated categorization. They are all designed to accelerate the document review process by leveraging machine learning techniques to sort and organize the data. Our team is experienced in leveraging these various tools and in designing an effective workflow and review protocol that is both understandable and defensible to all parties involved.


Accelerated Review Management and Workflows

Document review is the single largest (and most expensive) component of any ESI project. Our goal is to ensure efficient, defensible legal review leveraging the available tools and our expertise. We begin by developing an efficient and effective workflow for document review, incorporating appropriate review accelerator tools suitable for the client’s objectives. That may include near-duplicate identification, email threading, identification of PII and privilege information, entity extraction and data visualization tools to simplify your understanding of the data. We are versed in utilizing these tools to focus your review on highly relevant data to maximize productivity. In addition, we offer strategies that utilize statistical testing methodologies to ensure and validate the efficacy of your results.

Prism consultants also provide review training, management and productivity monitoring so you can focus on case strategy. You get custom quality controls, status reports and analytics to know your review is on track to meet pressing deadlines.


Productivity and Budgeting Oversight

A predictive budgeting model at the beginning of an engagement is challenging to attain. The team at Prism is dedicated to providing as much insight into your costs as possible. We design our tools and workflows with that key component in mind. Prism’s Evidence Optix® solution drastically reduces the volume of content at the onset of a matter, and our advanced culling and accelerated review workflows significantly impact the overall attorney review burden.  These practices provide you with real-time insight to the project costs, budget status and completion timelines.

In addition, our practice consists of many clients that recognize the re-usability of data and work product for related or pattern litigation, mitigates costs, while ensuring consistency of responsive and privilege review decisions across matters.

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