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Traditional ediscovery is costly and disproportionately time-consuming. We do ediscovery better.

Prism has developed the industry’s first ESI Proportional Preservation Ranking model, a practical solution for establishing common sense ediscovery proportionality.

A precise, data-based analysis for more accurate costs and resource investments

Prism experts analyze your data’s relative relevancy and burden using our proprietary Relevancy-Burden Ranking Model. The analysis forms a foundation to determine a reasonable, common sense preservation scope under rule 26(b)(1). The model scores potential case data based on probative value and the cost of preserving, collecting, reviewing and producing it.

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Data Mapping

We leverage two decades of experience, in conjunction with our proprietary technology Evidence Optix®, to help clients make informed decisions regarding the scope of discovery. From preservation to disposition, our collection tracking module provides real-time discovery management throughout the litigation life cycle.

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Index In Place

Prism leverages technology capable of indexing comput­ers, network data and local email containers in place in real time. Rather than broadly collecting and processing large volumes of data, our methodologies incorporate machine learn­ing, sentiment analysis, and complex search parameters to target relevant data in place, significantly reducing costs.

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Preservation and Collection

Prism's team of technical experts conduct the entire preservation and collection process, managing logistics to ensure a smooth and non-intrusive deployment. By integrating sound principles with the most current and advanced technological tools, we provide a defensible, consistent approach. Our team of IT and forensic experts is well-versed in current international data protection and privacy issues and can deploy both remote and on-site collection.

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Data Forensics

Prism’s forensic experts offer a vast depth of technical knowledge on a wide range of data types and systems. Our experience includes evaluation, drafting of expert opinions and testimony, and data remediation, with an emphasis on corporate intellectual property theft.

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Data Remediation

Prism leverages technology capable of indexing comput­ers, network data and local email containers in place in real time. Locating content based on the client’s specific requirements accelerates the identification of data in relation to disposition, PII identification, and risk assessment.

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