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Traditional ediscovery is costly and disproportionately time-consuming. We do ediscovery better.

Prism has developed the industry’s first ESI Proportional Preservation Ranking model, a practical solution for establishing common sense ediscovery proportionality.

A precise, data-based analysis for more accurate costs and resource investments
Prism experts analyze your data’s relative relevancy and burden using our proprietary Relevancy-Burden Ranking Model. The analysis forms a foundation to determine a reasonable, common sense preservation scope under rule 26(b)(1). The model scores potential case data based on probative value and the cost of preserving, collecting, reviewing and producing it.


Legal Hold

Legal Hold issuance and administration is a fluid, on-going process that requires oversight for the duration of any matter. As experts in many of the leading legal hold management software, our team can provide assistance with internal deployment of the right solutions and workflows, as well as providing external on-demand support.  With the release of our Evidence Optix® solution, we optimize early identification and cost savings through the deployment of our proportionality ranking model, coupled with the early release of non-relevant custodians. This comprehensive workflow facilitates identification of predecessors and successors and other potentially relevant custodians, providing early insight into the prioritization of the custodian corpus, ensuring your strategy is vetted and complete.


Custodian Interview Administration

Many leading legal hold platforms allow you to issue a custodian data usage survey and gather responses, but they don’t provide an easy way to analyze, utilize and disseminate those results.  We wrap our Evidence Optix® solution and expertise around your legal hold system to optimize this process and leverage the valuable insights obtained.  With our early analysis of the survey responses and corresponding custodian interviews, we are able to accelerate the identification and collection of high-priority data and eliminate noise. The knowledge we gain also aids in the development of your strategy for meet and confer negotiations.


Preservation and Collection

Our goal for any preservation or collection project is to collaborate with our clients to design a defensible and cost-effective strategy that fits their needs. Prism’s team of experts conduct the entire collection process, managing communications across the legal and technical teams to ensure a smooth and accurate deployment. This approach includes thorough identification and assessment of the data sources, data formats, custodians and global locations. In addition to the creation of an implementation plan to recover, organize and analyze the ESI with minimal business interruption. Our team of IT and forensic experts is well-versed in current international data protection and privacy issues and are able to deploy both remote and on-site collection teams. We provide proactive support combined with sound preservation and collection principles and the most current and advanced technological tools, in order to deliver a right-sized solution to our clients.


Data Mapping

Identification and assessment of data sources and locations relevant for an ediscovery project is a challenge whether it is for a huge multinational organization or a single location entity. Over the years, we have developed expertise in defining written or in-person Collection Assessment Surveys designed to identify locations, media types, data formats and other sources of materials critical to a full and complete ESI collection.  We leverage our proprietary solution Evidence Optix®, to gather, organize and report the relevant survey response data to help our clients make informed decisions regarding the scope of discovery. Our solution’s collection tracking module centrally manages decisions and provides evidence tracking reporting on your overall collection status from preservation to disposition.


Proportionality Ranking Matrix

The recent changes to FRCP Rule 26(b)(1) regarding the application of proportionality to define the scale and scope of discovery has raised more issues than it resolved and is a game changer for ediscovery costs and burdens. That’s why we developed Evidence Optix®, the industry’s first proportionality analytical model, a practical solution for establishing common sense ediscovery proportionality. The solution will analyze various factors, including custodians’ survey responses, and apply a proprietary ranking for each individual and data source. The results of our model form the foundation to determine a reasonable, common sense preservation scope. This solution, integrated with standard collection tools, allows us to leverage these findings into significant savings for our clients, while allowing them to make fact-based arguments regarding proportional ediscovery costs and resource investments for each matter.

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