Advisory Services


Let Prism help you minimize risk, increase efficiency and control costs for smarter ediscovery.

Our advisory services focus on the intersection of a defendable workflow, deployment of best practices and leveraging technology throughout the entire lifecycle of a lawsuit or investigation.

Prism consultants function in an unbiased, product-agnostic advisory role. We are not tied to specific vendor technology solutions. We provide proven ediscovery strategies. We are also early adopters and creators of new proportionality models, as well as advanced linguistic and artificial intelligence techniques to improve ediscovery efficiency.

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Ediscovery Liaison

As the rules and procedures governing ediscovery projects evolve, discovery plans and ESI protocols that optimize the new Rule 26 proportionality factors and minimize the scope of discovery objections are essential. The role of an Ediscovery Liaison is to be mindful of this evolution and facilitate communication and cooperation between the parties on all topics related to ediscovery. They serve a practical purpose as an experienced person in a central role to reduce inefficiencies, manage costs and lessen the necessity of court interference. Over the years, our role as an Ediscovery Liaison has provided us with deep insights and level of knowledge, thereby bringing a critical expertise to our clients.


Meet and Confer

A productive meet and confer process can be a challenge to any litigation team. Bringing multiple and often adverse parties together to a common understanding takes experience and finesse. Based on years of participating in the meet and confer process, our goal is to work with clients to develop protocols and workflows that maximize efficiencies, while adhering to opposing counsel’s requests and the court requirements. Our knowledge regarding standard ESI procedures, review and analytic tools, court expectations and requirements, allow us to successfully navigate clients through these interactions.


Discovery Strategy and Disputes

Over the years, Prism has engaged with a wide range of corporations, law firms and ediscovery vendors in executing complex ediscovery projects. This experience puts us in the position to select best-of-breed vendors, analytic tools and workflows so that we can design an effective, custom solution for our clients. Our best practice strategies encompass complex preservation and collection engagements, intricate keyword negotiation and data analytics projects, review workflows to meet aggressive production schedules, optimization of the latest AI and predictive coding technologies and negotiation techniques with opposing counsel on everything from data mapping to form of production.

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