Proportional Discovery Assessment


Let Prism help you minimize risk, increase efficiency and control costs for smarter ediscovery.

Our advisory services focus on the intersection of a defendable workflow, deployment of best practices and leveraging technology throughout the entire lifecycle of a lawsuit or investigation.

Prism consultants function in an unbiased, product-agnostic advisory role. We are not tied to specific vendor technology solutions. We provide proven ediscovery strategies. We are also early adopters and creators of new proportionality models, as well as advanced linguistic and artificial intelligence techniques to improve ediscovery efficiency.

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Custodian Interview Administration

Crafting a well-designed survey that gathers critical information related to the claims and defenses allows for better analysis downstream. Coupled with our legal hold expertise, Prism’s Evidence Optix® platform provides a vehicle to facilitate early analysis of survey responses and subsequent custodian interviews.

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Custodian Relevancy Ranking

The first step to an early proportionality mindset is to quickly release custodians who are not relevant and rank others according to their relevancy to the claims and defenses. This early method of ranking can greatly reduce the overall legal hold obligation downstream. Prism’s Evidence Optix® platform provides an easy-to-use method for custodian relevancy ranking.

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Data Source Burden Ranking

Not all data sources are created equal—some are more difficult to collect than others, often containing duplicative or irrelevant content. Custodial and non-custodial data sources should be ranked according to their relevancy and burden of collection, supporting proportionality negotiations, such as sampling or cost-shifting. Prism’s Evidence Optix® platform facilitates this process.

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Cost And Collection Scenarios

Using Prism’s Proportional Discovery Assessment® workflow, custodians and data sources are ranked according to their relevancy and burden of collection. This enables the creation of informed negotiation scenarios with real-time cost implications, providing a roadmap to right-size discovery.

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Proportional Discovery Assessment®

The investment of forethought and a structured approach to quickly locate relevant custodians and data sources result in the greatest reduction in time and costs, thereby creating a defensible, transparent process and facilitating cooperation in negotiations.

Prism’s Evidence Optix® platform provides real-time cost metrics that support concrete proportionality arguments, focusing on information rather than speculation.

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