Review Acceleration

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Accelerated Review Mgmt & Workflows

Document review is the largest and costliest component of the discovery process. Prism experts are well-versed in utilizing a variety of applications to focus attorney review on highly relevant data, as well as creating statistical testing methodologies to ensure and validate the efficacy of review results. Additionally, our consulting team can provide training, management, and productivity monitoring.

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Artificial Intelligence (Tar+)

The Prism team is experienced in current innovative machine-learning techniques to design and implement an effective workflow and subjective review protocol that is both understandable and defensible.

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Language And Data Analytics

A strategy that combines language analytics, case narrative definition and data analytic tools to search, organize and prioritize datasets is a critical facet in a targeted review strategy. This narrative is the foundation for a comprehensive search and analytic strategy designed to significantly reduce data volume, without adversely impacting recall.

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Productivity And Budget Oversight

Prism provides end to end management of your discovery workflow, including resource management and budgeting oversight. In addition to reducing costs by leveraging early proportionality, Prism’s Evidence Optix® technology provides real-time tracking relative to all ediscovery expenses, from preservation to review and production.

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