About Prism Litigation


We are a consulting firm with a personalized approach and a practical vision, using emerging technologies and workflow automation to reduce ediscovery burdens.

Our seasoned legal and technology experts join your case team to advise on strategy and manage the entire process. From this vantage point, we see and solve the unique challenges facing each client, many of whom are at a crossroads — drowning in electronic information, facing shrinking budgets and knowing their old approaches don’t work. We bring a fresh perspective on how you can achieve efficiency, cost proportionality and defensibility. You will also find us showing you ways to use language based analytics and artificial intelligence technologies for smarter ediscovery.

  • We believe there is smarter way to facilitate ediscovery — one that leverages early strategy development and workflow automations to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • We believe the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on proportionality offer a significant opportunity to right-size ediscovery during the preservation phase.
  • We believe advanced language analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can make ediscovery more efficient today and in the future. Come play with us in our virtual AI sandbox to learn how legal AI can help your team.
  • We believe true insight comes from working side-by-side with clients in the trenches.
  • We believe you deserve a partner that protects your interest, and treats your money as if it was their own.
Mandi Ross
CEO & Executive Director

Mandi Ross

For thirty years, Mandi has been providing evidence management strategies and solutions to law firms and corporate legal departments from pre-discovery through trial. As an experienced ediscovery liaison and consultant, Mandi is one of a few experts able to successfully orchestrate and advise clients on the intricacies of complex litigation and associated liabilities. She has extensive case experience with deploying best practices and workflows in the areas of ediscovery readiness and responsiveness, along with information management and compliance issues.


Prism Consultants and Staff

Together, we take pride in our collective legal and technical expertise, finely-tuned collaboration and shared value of always doing what’s right for the client. Prism consultants are senior e-discovery attorneys, certified forensic examiners, data scientists and IT professionals. Prism’s software development staff supports the consulting team with on-demand software programming to automate various ediscovery workflows.

Prism at a Glance

20-year boutique ediscovery consulting firm
Ediscovery liaison and expert consultancy
Seasoned legal and technology experts, with practical insight
In the trenches full or adjunct support to law firms and corporate counsel
Tailored, efficient approach to meet your ediscovery challenges
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