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We are a boutique consultancy with a personalized approach, offering expert advisory services, emerging technology platforms and workflow automation to leverage the principles of proportionality throughout a matter's lifecycle.

Proportional Discovery Assessment™ — The Key for Rightsizing Discovery

Amended Rule 26(b)(1), “crystalizes the concept of reasonable limits on discovery through increased reliance on the common-sense concept of proportionality.”

          - Chief Justice John Roberts, 2015 Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary

Prism experts analyze and score custodian relevancy and the corresponding data preservation burden using our proprietary Evidence Optix™ platform and consulting workflows. This approach easily generates assessment scenarios to estimate costs from collection through review and production. This analysis becomes the cornerstone for early disclosure and 26(f) negotiations with opposing counsel.

A Smarter Approach to Legal Hold

As experts in legal hold administration, we assist with internal deployment or external
on-demand support. Using Prism's Proportional Discovery Assessment™ process in tandem
with leading legal hold applications, we optimize early analysis to reduce litigation hold
burdens and ediscovery expenditures.

Looking for Words in All the Wrong Places? Optimize the power of Search Terms

Leveraging and understanding how to craft well-designed search logic can be a
powerful tool in your arsenal. Led by an experienced consulting team, our Search
Term Optimization methodology can help create a fully defensible, transparent,
and cogent workflow.

Download our white paper:
Don't Stop Believin': The Staying Power of Search Term Optimization
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Let us manage the details of ediscovery so you can focus on the practice of law.

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Building Smarter ediscovery for Clients

As the volume of case law relating to ediscovery-related errors and disputes continues to evolve, it is apparent that legal professionals must either have subject matter knowledge in this area or retain someone who does.

While many companies in this space only promote certain services or products, Prism is known for its unbiased, product-agnostic consultative approach. The intersection of a defendable workflow along with the deployment of best practices and technology, from the inception of a lawsuit or investigation throughout the lifecycle of a matter, is integral to ensuring success. Our professional team calls upon years of “in the trenches” legal and information technology expertise to minimize risk, increase efficiency and control costs.

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Ediscovery Consulting

Our forward-thinking approach to proportional preservation, investigative analytics, data assessment and workflow design creates a smarter and more cost-effective approach for our clients.

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Expert Advisory Services

We support a defensible workflow throughout the litigation lifecycle, by leveraging strategy and early negotiation, while intersecting the deployment of best practices and technology.

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Data Minimization and Review Acceleration

We reduce data, use advanced search methodologies and accelerate review through the expert use of leading edge review technologies and artificial intelligence.

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Applying Prism’s Proportional Preservation Ranking Model - a Case Study

Overall reduction of 87% in data collected
(over traditional approach of collect now and analyze later)


Custodians (28%) released

Custodians (59%) remained under hold; limited data collected

Custodians (13%) identified as highly relevant; data collected

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