Mandi Ross & ACEDS Presents: Product Showcase Webinar

Mandi Ross & ACEDS Presents:  Product Showcase Webinar


October 13, 2020    
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Mandi Ross, CEO and Founder Prism Litigation Technology partners with ACEDS to present an informational webinar that will present a new discovery workflow that operationalizes proportionality, provides defensible and transparent metrics for negotiation and judicial involvement, while organizing custodians and data sources throughout the litigation lifecycle.

The webinar will demonstrate the following aspects of the technology-enabled workflow:

  • Organize, score and prioritize custodians based on the claims and defenses
  • Release non-relevant custodians
  • Identify unique, relevant data sources
  • Score data sources based on burden and effort
  • Create cost and negotiation scenarios to scope discovery
  • Manage preservation, collection and train of custody documentation centrally
  • Leverage data source tracking throughout litigation

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