ALC Webinar: The Importance of the First 100 Days – How to Get Your eDiscovery House in Order

  • Date/Time
    Date(s) - 07/14/2022
    12:00 pm


    More data. More data. Always more data. How can health care organizations, insurance companies, and outside counsel reduce eDiscovery costs when the amount of data continues to grow exponentially and emerging and proprietary data types create challenges like never before?

    Joining American Legal Connections (ALC) for a conversational webinar, Mandi Ross and Martin Tully, discovery scoping, collection and proportionality experts, share legal and practical perspectives on how a few simple modifications to your eDiscovery strategy can optimize your workflow. Gain early insight by quickly identifying and prioritizing custodians and data, targeting and collecting relevant evidence, and understanding projected discovery costs. In this webinar, we will explore: 

    • Early case strategies like you’ve never seen before
    • The permission slip no one is taking advantage of
    • Negotiating and scoping discovery from a position of strength
    • The eDiscovery challenges presented by short form messaging and collaborative platform data

    Mandi Ross, CEO, Prism Litigation Technology
    Martin Tully Esq., Redgrave LLP