UF Law’s E-Discovery Conference session: Proportionality in Practice: Experience from the Trenches

UF Law's E-Discovery Conference session: Proportionality in Practice: Experience from the Trenches


March 18, 2021    
2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

Join us on March 18th at the 8th Annual University of Florida Levin College of Law E-Discovery Conference where a panel of experts, including Mandi Ross, CEO of Prism Litigation Technology and CEO and Managing Director of Insight Optix, will discuss proportionality in practice.

The burden and expense of e-discovery can be both a weapon and a shield. Few subjects have engendered more debate than proportionality. Rule 26(b) was amended in 2015 to expressly require consideration of proportionality when assessing the scope of parties’ discovery obligations. But proportionality has been a consideration in discovery for decades.

  • Why then do parties continue to argue about it or fail to raise it in a meaningful way, particularly the discovery of ESI?
  • When an opposing party raises a proportionality argument, how do you assess the argument?
  • For those raising proportionality arguments, how do you gather the information you need to intelligently discuss the issue with your adversary?
  • How should practitioners defend against or use the proportionality shield?

This panel will address these questions and more, and provide a practical proportionality framework to assess the burden and cost associated with proportionality. Valuable practice pointers related to the “proportional to needs of the case” requirement will also be highlighted.


Mike Quartararo: President of Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS)


Tessa Jacob, Partner at Husch Blackwell LLP

Scott Milner, Partner and Co-Leader, eData Practice at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Mandi Ross, Founder and CEO of Prism Litigation Technology

Ariana Tadler, Founding Partner of Tadler Law LLP

This year the full-day conference is completely online and free for all attendees.