As the eDiscovery industry becomes more labyrinthine, it is often the role of judges and special masters to define complex issues in order to get to the heart of the data maze. Phil Favro, a special master renowned in the field of eDiscovery, recently released a report in Deal Genius, LLC v. O2Cool, LLC that has garnered significant attention for its in-depth analysis of eDiscovery technology and processes — particularly where respondents may fall short in their duty to produce when they depend on potentially faulty technology.

In his report, Favro offers a critique of Microsoft Purview — a data governance tool that many organizations are now using to deal with vast amounts of data — for search and discovery purposes. Although Purview claims powerful search capabilities, Favro cites two main issues which surfaced in the case: the unreliability and incompleteness of Purview’s search results.

Favro specifically raises concerns about the inconsistent nature of search results, which potentially miss critical pieces of information or return false positives. This unreliability can be a significant obstacle for organizations relying on Purview to locate and retrieve specific data, especially in legal and compliance scenarios where accuracy is paramount. It can also increase costs, as incomplete results may necessitate more extensive manual review efforts which consume valuable time and resources.

Additionally, Favro argues that Purview may fail to index and retrieve all relevant data, leaving organizations with an incomplete view of their information. This could hinder the effectiveness of eDiscovery efforts, leading to oversight and compliance challenges.

Favro’s recommendation? To maintain a robust data governance practice that includes other technology solutions which provide more reliable results.

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